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Tool monitoring

Tool monitoring prevents tool loss by tool tracking

The loss of high quality tools may result in economically significant harm. Replacement has to be purchased, time is invested in search and the lack of tools is an expensive state.

Tool Monitoring Systems

Tool monitoring is an important factor for efficiency and order at workplaces. It provides safety to you and your staff. Snap-on provides monitoring solutions for every need. Sophisticated systems help organize and monitor your tools. The offer includes products from organized tool carts up to fully automated solutions.

Practical Features

Visual Versions include safety glass and provide a clear overview at your inventory. Even with or without key access. Keyless options provide opening by ID or code and run on batteries. Fully automated Tool storage solutions include wireless network and ethernet connection. Tools are trackable and scanned automatically. Up to 3000 users can be applied and log files retrace up to 15000 steps. Workstations can be combined, shut down automatically and monitor the location of your tools at any time.

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