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Torque measurement

Torque measurement is of great importance to applications where exact amount of torque is needed.

  • What happens at the measurement of "torque"?
  • Electronic measurement
  • Calibration
  • Torque measurement in different industries
  • The product range of Snap-on
  • Digital Torque
  • Pneumatic Torque
  • Hydraulic torque measurement


What happens at the measurement of "torque"?

The example of tightening a screw illustrates: Torque is equal to what the connection of a screw and bolt opposes to the process of tightening. The opposing energy is measured by torque measurement.

Whether in aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding and in countless other industrial branches - proper torque determines a good connection.  In some cases, absolute precision and special tools are required. Snap-on provides tools that allow you to provide the exact amount of torque at any time. As an expert in establishing torque tools, Snap-on sets standards in the field of safety, precision and control.

Electronic measurement

Products with torque sensors, advanced measurement technology and software take over the regulation of power over a wide range of applications. Among other things, measuring is an important factor in the automotive sector. Alloy rims and other components require a specific torque for fastening. Too much force can be harmful and lead to defective guiding. When it comes to wheel mounting, compressed air drills offer an adjustable maximum torque that prevents such damage.
The electronic measurement is carried out with precise stationary or mobile tools. These include torque transducers (sensors) with integrated strain gauges and provide high accuracy in measurement. 

The Snap-on product range is extremely broad. Ergonomic design, custom-built applications, unrivaled comfort, reliability and durability help you to be able to do the job perfectly.


Basically, electrical torque tools should be calibrated regularly. Dropping, improper use, or severe wear may cause readings to be lost in precision. A special test tool is used for this. Snap-on calibrates the torque tools to restore precision.

Torque measurement in different industries

Snap-on torque products have earned their reputation where they matter most. Torque tools for work in construction, repair, laboratories, field work ... They show their full performance in the repair and maintenance of machinery, tractors, engines, spacecraft, nuclear reactors, automobiles and many more. They withstand high loads and can be found

where rotating assemblies occur.

The product range of Snap-on

Snap-on gives you all the options to accurately measure torque. The huge selection gives you more options to measure and apply torque. With our expertise and torque from 12 to 37,000 lbs. we bring torque problems to the right size. We have the products in the execution and for the area in which you need the tools.

Digital torque

Technology meets torque

The electronic torque wrenches ControlTech are revolutionary. Now they are available in many sizes and for various industries. Torque and angle are combined in a single mode to achieve the most accurate torque measurement over the fastest path. Other features include the grip vibration, the beep and the LED indicator when the target torque is reached.

Pneumatic torque

Power and precision can be achieved with pneumatic torque tools and impact wrenches up to 8,500 ft. Lbs. They control the torque with an accuracy of + 5 / -5%. With the two-speed gearbox, you work at the speed you need. With innovative safety features, employees are effectively kept away from bruising areas. Whether on the oil field or at Furhpark, Snap-on's pneumatic tools are safer and quieter, making them ideal for any industry.

Hydraulic torque measurement

Snapon tools for the most demanding jobs

Snap-on hydraulic torque wrenches are the perfect choice when the job needs to be done. The tools make 37,000 ft lbs. and are among the most proven tools on the world market. The Snap-on disposable ratchet for torque measurement ensures:

- Torsional retraction during tightening is avoided by turning the nut 24 degrees.

- The disposable ratchet does not allow inadvertent relaxation of the torsion. In vertical applications, Snap-on tools find the right reaction point.

- The parallel closing of flanges with four tools is ideal.

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