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Aircraft-maintenance ensures that machine and components are ready for operation.

The aircraft-maintenance is essential for safety. Maintenance is therefore carried out in several stages. This ensures that the desired condition of the aircraft is maintained and, if necessary, is restored.

In addition to the engine, the check also affects all attachments etc. Safety in flight operations is of highest importance. Maintenance must therefore be carried out in accordance with the applicable directives and with the utmost care.

First Class Tools

The right tool is indispensable here. It must meet all requirements for use. This means uncompromising quality in processing and function. For some work the securing against falling down is necessary. Wherever tools can be lost, the use of FOD tools is useful. In combination with a tool management system, the highest level of safety is ensured in the monitoring and control of the tool stock.

Snap-on Tools

Snap-on Industrial offers a unique range of tools for aircraft construction, maintenance, inspection and assembly. In addition to hand, power and torque tools, tool storage and control, as well as other standard products, we offer you a unique range of airframe tools such as angle drills, drill jacks, adapters and accessories, Tools@Height and much more ...


Working in a confined space

With Snap-on Tools you are not stuck in confined spaces. Even the smallest available spaces can be used efficiently, which is a great help especially for aircraft

technicians. Easy access, even in hard-to-reach places, is achieved through a broad portfolio of innovative products and solutions.


Quality without compromise  

Reliability, quality and performance are tool features that every technician attaches great importance to. Snap-on incorporates these features into every crafted hand

tool. The result is higher productivity, longer shelf life and more income. 


Full performance at all times

Besides power, Snap-on also delivers performance. What distinguishes our tools is reliability, longevity and comfort. Snap-on power tools are a guarantee of successful work and effective working in the hangar.


Advantages of the aircraft maintenance

The Snap-on special tools are designed to not only meet, but exceed industry testing standards. The best tools for aircraft repair and maintenance are available from the specialist: Snap-on.


Ensuring safety 

Safety comes first with airplanes. This includes the correct tightening of fasteners. Snap-on gives you the precision advantage and a huge selection of suitable tools to ensure safety through good maintenance and repair.


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