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450 Lumen Work Light and 300 Lumen Flashlight

Highly versatile light developed for the automotive tech.

“The Convertible” - 400 Lumen Work Light / 300 Lumen Flashlight

Features and Benefits

• First light to use bi-directional USB-C standard for charging
• Two different lighting modes for the most popular applications
• Variable dimmer allows you to choose the best level of light,remembers your setting
• 3–6 hour run time based on brightness
• IP65 rating allows for exposure to water and dust
• All-aluminum frame stands up to the most demanding uses


Now available in 3 Popular Colors

Green, Orange and Yellow




Included Accessory


EC-USB-C-1A 1A Charger w/ USB-C recharge cable





Basic work area illumination

Underhood, Under Dash and any other area

where light is needed





Lumens 400

Run Time (hours) 3




Flash light work light

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