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786CFCT 6" Diagonal Flush-Cut Cutter with Cushion Throat

Urethane Insert In Jaws Captures Clipped Material

Retention of wire clippings enhances worker safety by preventing projectile material from being scattered throughout the worksite reducing the likelihood of FOD (Foreign Object Damage) in critical industries



Features and Benefits

  • Flush cut jaws provide clean cuts across a full range of cable tie sizes– extra small to extra large –eliminating painful edges on wire bundles and other components secured by cable ties
  • Tapered pliers head differentiates 786CFCT from VectorEdge diagonal cutters to aid user in maintaining precision edges and avoiding misuse on hard materials better suited for VectorEdge cutters (84CFCTA, 86ACFCT, 87ACFCT, 388ACFCT)
  • Relieved pliers head provides improved access for precise cuts in the workspace
  • Cold-forged alloy steel ensures a strong, durable tool
  • Differential heat treatment produces strength and toughness
  • Cushioned plastisol handles are designed for comfort and leverage to reduce fatigue
  • Florescent urethane formula helps reduce the potential of leaving a tool behind - just shine a UV light on the head of the cutter to activate the illuminating effect
  • Head size and shape allows greater accessibility

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Diagonal Flush Cut Cutter

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