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ATC Upgrade

Hardware & Software upgrades for Versions 1 & 2 - improves performance and provides current functionality

Features and Benefits

64-bit Architecture

• Processes more data and addresses more memory, resulting in improved performance
• Many customers’ applications/systems require 64-bit operating systems
• Compatible with Microsoft Windows® 10 upgrade

Intel® Celeron Quad-Core processor

• Performs more tasks simultaneously
• More energy efficient for longer battery life


• Reduces data bottlenecks
• DDR3L Low-power memory is more efficient, allowing longer battery life

Digital display

• HDMI connectivity; integrated touchscreen; LED backlight

mSATA Hard Drive

• Faster read/write speeds
• Uses less power than external hard drive, allowing longer battery life
• Reduced risk of data corruption as compared with conventional hard drive







Upgrade Packages

Parts and Labor - Fully Installed

• L5UPGRADEV1 - Upgrade for Version 1
• L5UPGRADEV2 - Upgrade for Version 2
• L5UPGRADEV2RC - Upgrade for Version 2 RC

Parts Only - Installation not included

• L5A0298J85A - Upgrade for Version 1
• L5A0298J86A - Upgrade for Version 2 AC
• L5A0298J87A - Upgrade for Version 2 RC



FeatureV1V2V2 RCUpgradeComments
Processor32-bit32-bit32-bit64-bit64-bit will support upgrade to Windows 10; 32-bit will not
RAM2GB2GB2GB4GBProcessing speed is faster with added RAM
Cores1224More cores allow more tasks to be completed at once
Hard Drive2,5" SSD2,5" SSD2,5" SSDmSATAProcessing speed is faster with mSATA
DisplayAnalogAnalogAnalogDigitalDigital performs better than analog in finger recognition

Upgrade does not include Backup Battery (a key feature of Version 3)

External Battery Pack (L5A0298J07A)


















ATC Upgrade Kit Snap-on

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