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ATECH2FR125B Flex-Head Torque Wrench

A 3/8" Drive ATECH torque wrench with more range, strength and accuracy

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a wide working range (5-125 ft-lb) – allows technicians to work on a wider array of popular applications including passenger tires
  • Heavy-duty yoke designed for higher torque load
  • Patent Pending Snap-on® Multi Axis Gyro Compensation provides a high level of accuracy even while in a flexed position; MAG COMP measures and compensates for changes in reaction distance due to  flex angle of the torque wrench
  • Snap-on® 80 tooth ratchet for optimal blend of strength and reduced swing arc (4.5°) – shorter length and minimal swing arc works extremely well in tight engine compartments
  • Standard ATECH features such as dual progressive LED’s, LCD screen with backlight, four alert modes (LED, LCD, vibratory, audible), six scales (ft-lb, in-lb, Nm, kg-cm, dNm, angle), 10 presets, torque then angle, low pro le buttons, power interruption technology, cycle counter, battery level indicator and other customizable features
  • Meets or exceeds ASME® B107.300-2010 (B107.28) standard
  • Two year warranty
  • Assembled in USA
  • Engineered the yoke with more steel mass as well as an extremely tight tolerance ratchet tang-to-yoke fit
  • Provides more torsional strength while still allowing smooth indexing/movement of the ratchet head (up to 15 degrees)
  • Smaller yoke/ratchet gap which reduces potential pinch point(s)
  • Low range accuracy improvement versus previous ATECH2FR100B model...
    ATECH2FR125B: 4% FS to 19% FS: 4% CW/ 4% CCW
    ATECH2FR100B: 5% FS to 19% FS: 4%CW/ 6% CCW
  • Multi Axis Gyro Compensation (MAG COMP)
    When ratchet head is indexed (from 0 to 15 degrees) the torque wrench will automatically sense where it is and compensate for the change of length making the wrench measurement more accurate when used at an angle



  • General automotive use – engines, suspension and tires



Square Drive, inches3/8
ColorBlack Housing/Chrome Body
Head TypeSealed Flex Head
Gear Teeth80
Gear Action4.5°
Range, in-lb60-1,500
Range, ft-lb5 - 125
Range, Nm6.78 - 169.48
Head Depth, inches9/16
Head Width, inches1 - 1/4
Weight (without batteries), lb (kg)2.2 (0.9)
Battery, Type (qty)AA Alkaline (3)
Length, inches17 - 25/32
Ratchet Service KitRKRFLLF80
Flex Joint Repair KitRKRFLLF80JT
Storage CasePBATECH100B
Flex Head Wrench

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