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ATECH3FR300B 1/2" Electronic Torque Wrench

Economical Way to Handle Higher-Torque Applications - 20% more torque coverage than other 1⁄2 drive torque wrenches

Features and Benefits

  • Expanded range; 15–300 ft-lb (20.3 to 406.7 N·m) from a 1/2" drive torque wrench
  • Longer length (30") allows more leverage to be applied (Note: 3-5/8" longer than ATECH3FR250B)
  • New yoke design provides better clearance and overall strength – improved yoke-to-ratchet tang engagement for superior torque stress distribution
  • Power Interruption Technology prevents intermittent power loss if the tool is dropped or impacted
  • Accuracy +/-2% CW & +/-3% CCW
  • Four alert modes (LCD, Dual LED, Audible, Vibratory)
  • Four measurement modes (ft-lb, in-lb, N·m, kg-m)
  • Two year warranty
  • Includes storage case



General automotive torque applications ranging from 15–300 ft-lb. Some examples of higher torque applications include pitman arms, air shocks/shock absorbers, control arms, steering gears, spindle nuts, leaf spring shackles, drive axle hub nuts and caliper mounting bracket bolts.





Accuracy, ±%CCW3
Accuracy, ±%CW2
Angle Range0–360°
Gear Action4.5°
Gear Teeth80
Overload, ft-lb375
Range, ft-lb (N·m)15–300 (20.3–406.7)
Ratchet Service KitRKRS80A
Storage CasePBATECH300B
Tool Length, inches30
Weight (with batteries), lb(3 AA alkaline) 3.95





















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