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CJ250-A1310 A1310 Adaptor for CJ250

Allows use of various drivers and adaptors

Features and Benefits

  • Allows use of various drivers and adaptors with CJ250 jaw pullers, giving the technician the flexibility to interchange with tools they already own
  • Adaptor assists in maintaining square alignment for ideal force application
  • Allows technician to assemble their own specialized tool configuration to service difficult or uncommon jobs with ease
  • Allows force to be applied to drivers in a precise, controlled manner removing the need to swing a hammer
  • Works with most Snap-on® 5/8"-18 pressure screws


 Works with A1310B and A1310SB bearing race and seal driver disks, A157/A257/A160M/A261M bushing driver disks, and BJP1 cups, by utilization of the A1310SB-BJP1 adaptor 

A1310 Adaptor

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