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FHNF100 Swivel Head Ratchet

3/8" Drive 100 Tooth Soft Grip Swivel Head Ratchet

Features and Benefits


  • Swivel, round head ratchet with classic soft grip handles
  • Classic soft grip handle delivers comfort with style and resists most shop chemicals
  • Round head is compact to get in tight quarters and features more gear teeth than the pear head design which means shorter movement before next tooth is engaged
  • Swivel head offers a variety of ratcheting positions including straight on for use as a ratcheting nut driver
  • Adjustable detent for swivel allows user to adjust for tighter or looser swivel




Stock No.Gear TeethSwing ArcABCRepair Kit
  • FH80-12 Red Replacement Grip
  • FH-80-12G Green Replacement Grip
  • FH-80-12O Orange Replacement Grip



Swivel Head Ratchet

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