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KRSC323_SERIES 32" Three-Drawer Roll Cart

Three Drawer, Flip Lid, Snap-on® Made In USA, Heavy Duty Shop Cart

Featuring a fully welded design, the KRSC323 shop cart includes a 6" deep drawer, stainless-steel storage tray and an extra deep 7" top compartment for all types of mobile service tools


Features and Benefits

  • 2" drawer; 4" drawer and extra deep 6" drawer for power tools and diagnostics
  • Manufactured in USA at our Algona, Iowa Plant and tested to a lifetime quality standard
  • Fully Welded Double Wall Construction will not weaken over time like bolt together carts
  • Stainless-steel bottom storage tray holds up to hard use from heavy bulk items
  • 7" deep top compartment with vertical pry bar storage
  • 16" open space beneath drawers—access for large items in bottom
  • 5 x 2" vibration resistant casters smooth cart ride
  • Pry bar and screwdriver shanks are held securely between walls


Available Colors

Stock No.Description
KRSC323PBORed with Bright Trim
KRSC323PCMRoyal Blue with Bright Trim
KRSC323PDGMidnight Blue with Bright Trim
KRSC323PJHCandy Apple Red with Bright Trim
KRSC323PJJExtreme Green with Bright Trim
KRSC323PJKOrange with Bright Trim
KRSC323PKSArctic Silver with Bright Trim
KRSC323POTFlat Black Black Trim
KRSC323PUWhite with Bright Trim
KRSC323PWZStorm Gray with Black Trim
KRSC323BDCWhite Black Out
KRSC323BEGPurple Black Out
KRSC323BETRoyal Blue Black Out
KRSC323BFIBlack Black Out
KRSC323BKGExtreme Green Black Out
KRSC323BKHOrange Black Out
KRSC323BNRed Black Out
KRSC323BPSCandy Apple Red Black
KRSC323PZRCombat Green Black Out
KRSC323PZSCombat Tan Black Out



Cubic inches (cm3)10,219 (167,459); plus 10,000 (163,871) bottom tray area
Square inches (cm2)2,110 (13,613) plus bottom tray
Width, inches (mm)32 (813)
Depth, inches (mm)20-1/2 (520)
Height, inches (mm)43 (1,092)
Load Capacity, lb (kg)1,200 (544)
Net Weight, lb (kg)180 (82)
No. of Drawers3
Three Drawer Roll Cart

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