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PPBN300 3 pc Micro-Angle Tip Non-Marring Pry Tool Set

Intended for prying applications such as door/window control panels/covers, separating delicate components, cleaning materials that can be scratched easily

Features and Benefits

  • Made from tough reinforced nylon
  • Will not damage delicate surfaces unlike metal tools
  • Unique angled tip provides excellent access to remove panel covers, buttons, clips and small automotive interior controls
  • Use for detailing and cleaning
  • Resistant to most automotive fluids
  • Made in USA


General automotive and industrial use
Pry access covers for door and window controls
Pry relays and fuses more efficiently and evenly
Allows removal of components for circuit boards repairs Sturdy enough for delicate fine scraping jobs



Included Components

Stock No.Tip Width, inches (mm)Length, inches (mm)
PPBN183/16 (4.8)6–9/16 (166.6)
PPBN325/16 (7.9)6–9/16 (166.6)
PPBN481/2 (12.7)6–9/16 (166.6)
PPBN300VP3 pc Vinyl Pouch


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Micro Angle Tip Non-Marring Pry Toole Set

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