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XFR704 4 pc 12-Point Fractional Flank Drive®

Double Flex Ratcheting Box Wrench Set

Features and Benefits

  • 180° flexible ratcheting head combined with narrow width and low-height profile of wrench head allows for access into the tightest of spaces
  • Yoke/tang combination utilizes well-established Snap-on® flex ratchet design for ultimate strength and durability
  • Unique, patented ratcheting gear design is optimized to maximize ratcheting arc, strength, durability and access for the most balanced wrench available
  • Nickel-chrome finish helps protect against corrosion and makes it easy to wipe clean
  • Ratcheting gears utilize key elements of Snap-on® Dual 80® Technology, minimizing swing arc when working in restricted spaces

Included Components

Set includes 1 each XFR1012, XFR1416, XFR1822, XFR2024 and PAKKB109 Kit Bag


Size, inchesStock No.ABCDEXFR704
1/4, 11/32XFR8115/823/321/49/3212 
5/16, 3/8XFR101221/323/41/49/3213
7/16, 1/2XFR141627/3215/165/1611/3214-5/8
9/16, 11/16XFR18221-1/321-3/1611/323/817
5/8, 3/4XFR20241-1/81-9/3213/327/1618-7/16
Ratcheting Box

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