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Ratcheting wrench

Tighten and loosen without lifting


How does it work?

The ratcheting wrench is a special type of tool to tighten or loosen a screw. Its mechanism allows to tighten a screw in a certain direction without lifting off the wrench. The handle can be moved back and forth easily during the screwing process. The screwing direction is adjustable on most models. The direction-switch allows you to loosen screws or tighten levorotatory screws.

Where to use the tool

In all areas in which a screw connection must be loosened or tightened. The spectrum ranges from hoem repairs to the maintenance and repair of gigantic machines. In mechanical engineering, these connections are often difficult to access and a ratchet wrench with a joint is the optimum solution.

2 in1

  • How does it work?
  • Where to use the tool
  • 2 in 1
  • Tools for any application
  • High-End Technology
  • High quality and durability
  • Maintenance-free ratchet mechanism
  • Tested

Snap-on ratchet wrenches for the industry

Tools for any application

Snap-on provides a wide range of ratcheting wrenches in different versions. Many of them have the latest patented technology, are made of high-quality material and meet the requirements of everyday use.

High-End technology

The patented Snap-on® Dual 80® technology ensures smooth operation. These tools provide more torque while minimizing space requirements. Also available are Flank-Drive® gear products. The lifetime of this particular transmission is markedly increased, in contrast to conventional products. The reason for this is the cold-formed material. The open ends with Flank-Drive® Plus "bite" better into the fastening element and provide up to 62% more force without slipping or rounding.

High quality and durability

The manufacture makes the snap-on ratchets to durable tools. They are precision-forged, made of specially alloyed steel, heat-treated and have a nickel chrome finish. They provide exceptional strength. For optimum accessibility even under difficult conditions, the handle is tilted.


The ratchet head is sealed and keeps moisture, dirt and pollutants away. Smooth work is guaranteed.


Prior to launch, snap-on ratchets are subjected to a variety of tests under extreme conditions.


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