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Extreme conditions call for solutions and products that meet the requirements. Oil and gas professionals therefore rely on Snap-on to be prepared for the most important tasks. Whether offshore or onshore, downstream or upstream, refined or raw, Snap-on offers tools designed to deliver safety and maximum performance while working with the resource that drives our world.

Large tools

Tools that flex their muscles

Real jobs call for performance. That's why technicians who need a lot of power resort to powered snap-on tools. If you have a tough job to do,Snap-on's power tools deliver whats you need.


Snap-on's Flank Drive wrench system reaches into difficult places. It increases torque and prevents cornering, allowing you to do your job with efficiency, ease and without damage.

Impact sockets

Made from a special blend of alloyed steels, the heat-treated hardness of Snap-on's impact sockets is lower. They are reinforced and resistant to withstand repeated exposure to cordless and pneumatic impact wrenches. Snap-on impact sockets with Flank Drive exceed performance standards (ANSI).


Torque at a new level

Every critical industry needs every bolt and nut. Therefore, your ability to work with accurate and strong torque is absolutely essential. With a broad selection of torque wrenches, testers, screwdrivers and cailbration systems, Smap-on provides the right torque where it is needed. We are brining problems to the right size. From 35 ftt.-lbs to 35.000 ft-lbs and more.

Product range

Pneumatic torque wrench

You are in control of torque. The accuracy is within ± 5% with control of the air pressure input. The low-torque gearbox provides lower RPM and ensures precise and controlled torque, even on the toughest jobs. Snap-on torque products are perfect for any project, such as construction, oil fields, shipyards, power generation, railways, maintenance, mining machinery and more.

Hydraulic torque wrench

Snap-on hydraulic torque tools belong to the most tried-and-tested wrenches on the market. The snap-on one-way ratchet is recommended for all applications with torque and combines a heavy-duty drive with a ergonomic compact design to reach torque requirements up to 37k ft.-lbs and with an ± 3% accuracy.

Industrial torque multipliers

Compact, Accurate and Powerful: Our Torque Multipliers are perfect for all critical industries. It can guarantee a ± 4% multiplier accuracy while delivering a massive output of up to 5.1k ft.-lbs. is generated.

Unique Tools and solutions

The gas and oil industry is changing. And the product range of tools from Snap-on adapts to it. You can count on our expert team to give you the custom tool you need.


A long time ago, we invented the adjustable wrench. Now we have reinvented it. This snap-on wrench is a combination of two tools and is prepared for the use wherever valves are set for pressure and flow.


Safe products and instructions

With Snap-on, security always comes first. That's why Snap-on offers the safest tools in the business and train you how to use the products the right way. Our technicians gain access to the "safety network" and special training programs. Snap-on also provides custom tools for specific purposes, so security is never compromised.

Asset management

You work with well oiled machines. Now your team is running like one.

When a Snap-on solution controls your tools, you can easily take care the efficiency. The Snap-on Level 5 System is the ultimate control system for your tools. With innovative organizational systems, enhanced automation and security, you can avoid losing hours without productivity. Learn more about the specialized tool control solutions and keep your team at the highest level.

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